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Nom Localisation Code d'appel Type de catastrophe Appeal type Orig. type Date
Liberia - Floods (MDRLR008) Liberia MDRLR008 Flood DREF Operation MDRLR008do
Venezuela - Hurricane Beryl (MDRVE009) Venezuela MDRVE009 Flood DREF Operation MDRVE009do
Kyrgyzstan - Floods (MDRKG019) Kyrgyzstan MDRKG019 Flood DREF Operation Update MDRKG019du1
Kazakhstan - Flood (MDRKZ013) Kazakhstan MDRKZ013 Flood DREF Operation Update MDRKZ013du1
Uganda - Population Movement (MDRUG051) Uganda MDRUG051 Population Movement DREF Operation MDRUG051do
Uruguay - Floods (MDRUY005) Uruguay MDRUY005 Flood DREF Operation Update MDRUY005ou1
Mozambique - Population Movement (MDRMZ023) Mozambique MDRMZ023 Population Movement DREF Operation Update MDRMZ023du1
Sri Lanka - Flood (MDRLK018) Sri Lanka MDRLK018 Flood DREF Operation Update MDRLK018_OU3
El Salvador - Floods (MDRSV016) El Salvador MDRSV016 Flood DREF Operation MDRSV016do
Bangladesh - Flash Floods (MDRBD036) Bangladesh MDRBD036 Pluvial/Flash Flood DREF Operation MDRBD036do
Maldives - Filariasis (MDRMV004) Maldives MDRMV004 Other DREF Operation Update MDRMV004OU1
South Africa - Thunderstorm and Floods (MDRZA018) South Africa MDRZA018 Flood DREF Operation MDRZA018do