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Nom Localisation Code d'appel Type de catastrophe Appeal type Orig. type Date
Ethiopia - Flood (MDRET034) Ethiopia MDRET034 Flood DREF Operation MDRET034do 07/12/2023
Jordan - Cold Wave (MDRJO003) Jordan MDRJO003 Cold Wave DREF Operation MDRJO003do 05/12/2023
Central African Republic - Strong Winds (MDRCF031) Central African Republic MDRCF031 Storm Surge DREF Operation MDRCF031do_1 04/12/2023
Libya - Population Movement (MDRLY004) Libya MDRLY004 Population Movement DREF Operation Update MDRLY004ou 04/12/2023
Iceland - Volcanic and seismic activity (MDRIS001) Iceland MDRIS001 Earthquake DREF Operation MDRIS001do 01/12/2023
Yemen - Flood 2023 (MDRYE012) Yemen MDRYE012 Flood DREF Operation Update MDRYE012ou 01/12/2023
Dominican Republic - Floods (MDRDO016) Dominican Republic MDRDO016 Flood DREF Operation MDRDO016 activation 30/11/2023
Guinea - Floods : Coyah (MDRGN015) Guinea MDRGN015 Flood DREF Operation Update MDRGN015ou1 30/11/2023
Afghanistan - Population Movement (MDRAF013) Afghanistan MDRAF013 Population Movement DREF Operation MDRAF013do 29/11/2023
Serbia - Flood June 2023 (MDRRS015) Serbia MDRRS015 Flood DREF Operation Update MDRRS015du 29/11/2023
Ethiopia - Civil Unrest (MDRET031) Ethiopia MDRET031 Civil Unrest DREF Operation Update MDRET031du1 27/11/2023
Tanzania - Floods (MDRTZ035) Tanzania, United Republic Of MDRTZ035 Flood DREF Operation MDRTZ035do 23/11/2023