National and local level government line departments
(such as the ministry of agriculture, environment, natural resources, health or social affairs).

National and local government line departments help volunteers and staff of National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies through technical support and expertise as well as through training.

Partner National Societies (PNS)

The PNSs are the major partners of the Host National Societies and IFRC Secretariat at regional, zone and global level. A number of PNSs provide funding and technical assistance for food, nutrition and livelihoods activities: Austrian Red Cross, Belgian Red Cross, British Red Cross, Canadian Red Cross, Danish Red Cross, Finnish Red Cross, French Red Cross, German Red Cross, Iranian Red Crescent, Irish Red Cross, Italian Red Cross, Kuwait Red Crescent, Netherlands Red Cross, Norwegian Red Cross, Spanish Red Cross, Swedish Red Cross,

United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)

WFP has partnerships with a few National Societies in different regions. In 2010 WFP entered into partnerships with four Partner National Societies (France, Germany, Ireland and Spain) and 30 National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Collaboration with National Society partners are mostly ad-hoc and in the areas of general food distribution (GFD). Discussions to strengthen the existing partnership with WFP are in process.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

The FAO is a partner of a number of National Societies which are engaged in food security and livelihoods programmes on the ground. The UN agency provides agricultural production materials and gives technical support to National Societies through training and supports capacity development. FAO is also working with National Societies to provide agricultural tools and seeds during emergency and recovery situations. Discussions to strengthen the existing partnership with FAO are in process.

World Animal Protection

The World Animal Protection provides technical support and capacity development in regards to livestock and animal health and management for National Societies that have livestock programmes within their food and nutrition security and livelihoods programmes.

Corporate and other Partners

Corporate and other partners provide either direct funding to the IFRC Secretariat or the Operating National Societies to support their efforts in the IFRCS`s food, nutrition and livelihoods programming. These include: