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The plight of pastoralists in drought-stricken northern Ethiopia

The plight of pastoralists in drought-stricken northern Ethiopia

Ethiopia: Pastoralists worry about their future livelihoods amid ongoing drought

Feeding Ethiopia’s drought-affected families

Feeding Ethiopia’s drought-affected families

Ethiopia: El Niño leaves millions in need of food aid

Working hard to keep disease at bay in Ethiopia’s refugee camps

Working hard to keep disease at bay in Ethiopia’s refugee camps

South Sudanese refugees volunteer to clean their temporary settlement in Gambella

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Ras Desta Damtew Avenue
P.O. Box 195
Addis Ababa

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P.O. Box 195
Addis Ababa

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Tél: (251) 115 15 90 74 / 115 51 91 44 / 115 51 91 71
Fax: +251 115 51 26 43
Télex: 21338 ERCS ET
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Langue: English


  • Board President, Ethiopian Red Cross: Mr. Abera Tola GADA
  • Board Vice President: Ms. Mulu Solomon BEZUNEH
  • Secretary General: Dr. Meshesha SHEWAREGA
  • Deputy Secretary General, Support Services : Mr Abera LULESSA
  • Deputy Secretary General, Humanitarian Diplomacy and Resource Mobilization: Dr Solomon Ali MOHAMMED
  • Deputy Secretary General Programs : Ato Engeda MANDEFREO
  • Deputy Secretary General, Resource Development and Mobilization : Mr Wondawk ABEZIE
  • Acting Head, Disaster Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation Department : Mr Dejen ZEWDU
  • Head, Disaster Preparedness and Response Department: Mr Mohammed DEDA
  • Head, Essential Drugs Program : Mr Miheret TAMIR
  • Acting Head, Quality Assurance and Learning Office : Mr Abebaw ABEBE
  • Head, Internal Audit Service : Mr Yakob FEKI
  • Head, Legal Service: Mr Tewodros ALAMEREW
  • Acting Head, Finance Department : Mr Habtamu TEKESTE
  • Head, Human Resource Management department: Mr Zewdu GASHAW
  • Head, Logistics Department : Mr Abrham BEKELE
  • Head, Information Communication and Technology Service: Mr Abeje G / MEDHIN
  • Head Volunteers, Member and Branch Affairs Department : Mr Kifelew ALEMU
  • Coordinator, PMER : Mr Abebaw ABEBE
  • Director, the Training Center : Mr Fisseha ABREHA
  • Board Treasurer: Mr Abebe KEBEDE
  • Board Member : Mr Million WOLDEMESKEL
  • Board Member: Dr Kebede WORKU
  • Board Member: Mrs Mulu SOLOMON
  • Board Member: Mr Tolosa DEGEFU
  • Board Member: Mrs Zemi YENUS
  • Focal Point FDRS : Mr Abebaw ABEBE