Croix-Rouge de Roumanie

Active ageing: are we ready for change?

Active ageing: are we ready for change?

The Club of Generations is a group of people working together improve the image and future of elderly people in their communities.

Eastern Europe hit by floods

Large swathes of Eastern Europe, including regions within Ukraine, Romania and Moldova, have been hit by heavy floods, plunging rural communities into vulnerability.

L’Europe centrale et orientale dévastée par les pires inondations depuis des décennies

De violentes tempêtes suivies d’inondations ont coûté la vie à au moins 27 personnes en Ukraine, en Moldavie, en Roumanie, en Slovaquie et en Hongrie.

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29, Biserica Amzei Street
Sector 1
Bucarest 010393

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Tél: (40) (21) 317 6006
Fax: (40) (21) 312 8452
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Langue: English


  • President: Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Margareta of Romania
  • Vice-President: Mr Victor BOIANGIU
  • Vice-President: Mr Victor Paul DOBRE
  • Vice-President: Mr Alexandru BANICA
  • Vice-President: Mr Raed ARAFAT
  • Vice-President: Mr Aurel-Danut AXIN
  • Vice-President: Mr Beniamin DRAGOS
  • Vice-President: Mrs Laura Elena CHIOREAN
  • Director General: Mr Ioan Silviu LEFTER
  • Secretariat: Mrs Ancuta-Iulia HURJUI
  • Financial Director: Mrs Liana LUCA
  • Programs Director : Mrs Victoria MIHAESCU
  • Media and Communications Officer: Mrs Nadia LAZAR
  • Director, Department Emergency Situations and Disaster Management: Mr Daniel Modoaca
  • Legal Advisor : Mrs Luiza MIHOCI
  • Logistics: Mr Marius ION
  • International Relations Department : Mrs Iulia CAPUSAN
  • Administrative Officer : Mr Mihai BODONEA
  • Head of Human Resources: Mrs Maria Magda TUDOSE
  • Fundraising and first aid Manager: Mr Vladut MIHALACHE
  • Manager of Youth and Volunteer Programmes: Mrs Andreaa FURTUNA
  • Manager First Aid Projects: Mr Viadut MIHALACHE
  • Manager Social Projects: Mrs Daiana ANDREIANU
  • Health Education Manager: Mrs Sorina BOTESCU
  • Assistant Social Projects: Mrs Iuliana PAUNOIU
  • Tracing: Mrs Rodica PETROI
  • IT : Mr Razvan CATERINIUC