In-pictures: IFRC Secretary General Visit to Central African Republic

IFRC Secretary General Elhadj As Sy visits the Central African Red Cross headquaters in Bangui. Benoit Matsha-Carpentier / IFRC


IFRC Secretary General Elhadj As Sy has paid tribute to the “extraordinary courage” of the volunteers and staff of the Central African Red Cross Society, who have managed to expand life-saving malaria, HIV and tuberculosis prevention and treatment in the midst of the crisis that has gripped the country over the past two years. Benoit Matsha-Carpentier/IFRC


Baby Akiéla is 5 months old. Her brother Eric is feeding her. Akiéla is HIV positive and receives free treatment at the hospital thanks to the programme ran by the IFRC and the Global Fund in the country. Benoit Matsha-Carpentier/IFRC


Mr Sy said: “At a time when the country seemed to be on the brink of catastrophe, Red Cross volunteers were able to reach the most vulnerable and make a tremendous difference to their lives. This is evidence not only of their courage and commitment, but also of the ability of local organizations and volunteers to operate effectively in environments where no one else can.” Benoit Matsha-Carpentier/IFRC


IFRC Secretary General, Elhadj As Sy, meets with the French Ambassador in Bangui together with Global Fund regional director, Caty Fall, IFRC regional Director, Dr Fatoumata Nafo-Traoré and the president of the Central African Red Cross, Pasteur Mbao Bogo. Benoit Matsha-Carpentier/IFRC


The Central African Red Cross youth is ready to take over and continue the incredible worked done by the volunteers in a very difficult context. Benoit Matsha-Carpentier/IFRC