Profile of vulnerable people - Albertine

Publié: 18 décembre 2014 22:17 CET

Albertine is 40. She has nine children. They all live together in Saint Charles Lwanga camp, a few kilometres outside Bangui. Albertine’s husband was killed in that same camp, almost a year ago, after their family fled violence in their community.

Albertine used to run a little business before she had to leave everything behind. She managed to borrow a little bit of money from a relative, which allowed her to buy some vegetables to resell at the market at the entrance to the camp. But the money is now gone and what she earns from selling is so little, it is not enough to buy food for the entire family. On good days Albertine makes 3 euros per day.

“Food is a struggle every day. We only eat in the evening, mainly manioc as this is the only thing we can afford. My children go to bed hungry very often,” she says.

None of the children goes to school, mainly because the closest schools are not open, but also because she fears to let them go out of the camp. Her health is also weak. She recently went to the doctor who prescribed her some medication, but she cannot afford it. She keeps the prescription, hoping to get the money to buy it soon.

“I would really like to go back home, but I have nothing left there. Our house has been destroyed. I can’t afford to buy anything, not even a pot to cook in. Life is really difficult, especially for the children.”