A gift from the President of Chad on World Red Cross Red Crescent Day

Publié: 17 mai 2011 13:51 CET

The Red Cross of Chad received a gift of ten vehicles from the country’s President, Idriss Deby, on world Red Cross Crescent day, May 8. The President lauded the National Society for its vital humanitarian work and emphasized the importance of ensuring both staff and volunteers’ security as they carry out their work. 

The gift came at an opportune moment for the National Society which has recently signed an agreement with the World Food Programme to deliver relief items to thousands of malnourished children in the North of the country.

“This year our celebrations on the 8th of May have been a real success as they enabled both the Government and the Chadian population to better understand the work of the Red Cross,” said Chad Red Cross Secretary General Mr. Zam Bongor Barminas.

Hundreds of Chadian Red Cross volunteers filled the streets of the capital, N’Djamena, as they marched from the city centre to the National Society headquarters. Singing the anthem of the Chadian Red Cross they promoted their activities, which recently included a 'clean up' of various districts of the capital, aimed at improving sanitation and raising awareness of the importance of a clean environment. 

Later in the day, a debate on the theme of volunteering was attended by people from within and outside the Movement. The discussion centered on the role of volunteers and gave recognition to their tireless devotion to the most vulnerable in Chad.

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