Red Cross volunteers at the 10th All-African Games

Publié: 8 octobre 2011 6:00 CET

The Mozambique Red Cross Society (MRCS) has partnered with the Government’s Ministry of Youth and Sport to provide first aid assistance to athletes during the 10th All-Africa Games.

The All-Africa Games, which take place every four years, came to Maputo and Chidenguela in Mozambique in September.

The MRCS is considered a strategic partner because of its experience and expertise in first aid. In addition to providing commercial first aid in the country, the first aid volunteers have excelled during numerous disasters in Mozambique which has seen their capacity grow.

Under the government agreement, MRCS trained volunteers in first aid for the games, and provided them with the first aid kits and equipment to deliver a world class service.

About 350 volunteers were involved in the first aid services, together with ten MRCS staff who are leading the teams. The volunteers were deployed in deferent locations where the various sporting disciplines took. Each group had a team leader and a communication system to facilitate the organization of the teams.

“The recently acquired ten ambulances have put the Mozambique Red Cross Society in a better position to be a strategic partner in these All Africa Games,” says Américo José Ubisse, the Secretary General for the society. “We are happy to partner with government and provide high quality first aid services during the games and also hope that we will gain more experience.”