Ebola outbreak over in Sierra Leone

Eighteen months after the Ebola virus disease outbreak was first confirmed in Sierra Leone, it has been declared officially over. It has been 42 days since the country last reported a confirmed case. Close to 4,000 people lost their lives during the outbreak, many of them health care workers. 


Sierra Leone candlelit vigil

In anticipation of the Ebola virus disease outbreak being declared over, hundreds of Sierra Leoneons gathered in Freetown on the eve of the declaration to honour the health care workers who gave their lives fighting the disease, and to celebrate those who survived. 


Sierra Leone candlelit vigil

The streets of Sierra Leone's capital, Freetown, were packed as people came together to remember those who lost their lives to Ebola. There were somber moments mixed with jubilation in anticipation of the 18 month outbreak finally being declared over.


Sierra Leone Ebola over

A Sierra Leone woman rejoices shortly before the Ebola virus disease outbreak is declared over. While many celebrate, others are urging caution as the virus has proven to live on in survivors for many months. Neighbouring Guinea also continues to report cases, which means both Sierra Leone and Liberia remain at risk.