Mauredi Nathondi - Volunteer, Tanzania Red Cross Society

Publié: 28 mai 2015 9:18 CET

When tens of thousands of Burundians began seeking refuge in Tanzania, the Tanzania Red Cross Society made sure it was ready to provide the assistance needed. In the first weeks in late April, 20 pre-trained volunteers were mobilized, and more began training. By late May more than 50 new volunteers had been trained to help in first aid and promoting good hygiene practices. Mauredi Nathondi has been volunteering with the Red Cross for five years. Photo: Maija Tammi, Finnish Red Cross

Mauredi Nathondi is part of an active and enthusiastic first aid team at the Kigoma registration centre, which has been set up in the town’s football stadium. For the last seven days, as a Tanzania Red Cross Society volunteer, he has been working 12 hours every day, from 7 in the morning until 7 in the evening.  

The days have been busy. “We patrol the tents and make sure that everyone is okay. We’ve taken approximately 60 people a day to the medical ward. They have been suffering from fever, diarrohea, stomach pains and respiratory problems,” explains Mauredi.

The husband and father of one is glad, however, that no urgent first aid interventions have yet been needed. He knows his work is appreciated, and has also stepped up to help bring water for the latrines, and assists in many other tasks.

Mauredi has been a Tanzania Red Cross Society volunteer since 2010. He originally joined the national branch to support its work related to malaria, HIV and family planning.