Flooding on the river coasts and northern Argentina

Publié: 30 décembre 2015 16:34 CET

By Argentine Red Cross

The situation worsens as the number of families impacted by the flooding in the north and central parts of the country grows.  The Argentine Red Cross is mobilizing First Aid and Health units to set up health posts in different affected areas.

According to Argentine Red Cross estimates, over 25,000 people have been affected by the overflow of the Uruguay and Paraná Rivers.  Argentine Red Cross volunteers and technical teams have been mobilized to the most affected areas on the river coastlines.  These include sending three National Intervention Teams to Concordia, Concepción del Uruguay and the National Emergency Operations Centre in La Plata, as well as a psychosocial support technical team to Concordia.  Additionally, First Aid and Health units were dispatched on December 27th to the most vulnerable areas to set up health posts.

More than 1,900 inhabitants of Concordia have been evacuated due to the worst river flooding that the city has faced.  According to estimates from the Argentine Red Cross, over 15,000 people have been affected in Concordia, a number that includes 2,000 evacuees and over 9,000 people that have evacuated themselves to the homes of family or friends.  This makes Concordia one of the cities most affected by the river flooding on the coastlines and northern part of the country.  The river flooding in this area is estimated to have reached a height of close to 16 metres and is expected to hold at these levels once the intense rainfalls decrease.  The Argentine Red Cross is providing psychosocial support in over 30 evacuation centres throughout the city.

Besides Concordia, several Argentine Red Cross branches are undertaking several different tasks.  Concepción del Uruguay, Corrientes, Clorinda (Formosa) and Chaco, among others, are on maximum alert.  Concepción del Uruguay is providing support to over 500 affected people and over 50 evacuated families.  “This will be a complex situation for the next few days.  We’ve mobilized over 150 volunteers throughout the country, and new teams will be mobilized to respond to the highest priority emergencies that may present themselves” states Cristian Bolado, Director of Emergency and Disaster Response for the Argentinian Red Cross.

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