Leading by example to bring comfort to those in distress

Publié: 31 mars 2014 11:24 CET

By Rodel Beltran Perera, Belize Red Cross

Field Officer Jessie Young is a kind and dedicated member of staff at Belize Red Cross. She is warm hearted and a sincere humanitarian always showing great concern for her fellow human beings.

Jessie was recently on duty travel, flying from El Salvador to Panama on a TACA Airlines flight when she noticed a fellow passenger in discomfort wriggling in his seat and in pain. He was sitting across the aisle from her. Jessie identified herself to the passenger, showing him her Belize Red Cross Identification Card. He motioned to Jessie that he was having discomfort in his ears and in pain.

She says tells us she immediately thought that he was having air pressure problems and instructed him to make fists and blow into them, like a horn. “This seemed to cause him more pain,” she says. “So I then instructed him to pinch his nose and blow out his ear.” She says she told him to do it multiple times until they landed.

“When we landed you could see the relief in his face. I was so glad I was seated nearby and be able to help this gentleman. He was in a bad state. He was really suffering. A flight attendant had tried but to no avail. I never got his name, he was African, I think, Nigerian from his accent. He was very thankful. He had gotten back a smile on his face.”

Jessie says: “This incident has taught me that no matter where we go as Red Crossers we take our skills with us and people respect us for it. We must never forget that we can lead by example, and always be there to help in any way or form.”