“My biggest achievement is building awareness about Zika”

Publié: 11 janvier 2017 16:31 CET

“For me, it’s most memorable to return to communities and see behavioral changes around the Zika virus; and the family themselves starting to replicate best practices”

Adriana Herrera volunteers at the Meta province branch of the Colombia Red Cross and has been with the Movement for over 10 years. She began while she was still a medical student, motivated by the organization’s principle to prevent and alleviate human suffering. Over the past year, she has been actively involved in raising awareness, sharing information and promoting prevention against Zika, dengue and Chikungunya.


Adriana has participated in various trainings provided by the Red Cross. Now, she trains other Red Cross volunteers and university students in epidemiological control. She also coordinates household visits in the most vulnerable communities to spread key messages for Zika prevention.


Children and youth represent important agents of change for the Red Cross, which is why one of the ways that volunteers educate communities is through students in local schools. For this, Adriana has participated in designing educational games that share messages in a fun way and allow the Red Cross to receive feedback from the participants.