Training of Trainers: Expanding National Societies’ Capacity in Zika Response

Publié: 18 novembre 2016 16:44 CET

Representatives from the Bolivian, Colombian, Peruvian and Venezuelan Red Cross are meeting in Colombia for a workshop to certify instructors on various health-related topics focused on controlling the Zika virus.


The workshop is taking place in Armenia, Colombia on November 14-20, with 26 National Society representatives. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) organized this workshop through the Zika Operation, the Reference Centre for Institutional Disaster Preparedness and the Colombian Red Cross.


While the region continues to see a large number of Zika cases, the possible effects of the virus on human health are more and more alarming. As such, the IFRC Americas Regional Office, through its Zika Operation, promotes a prevention and support approach for those affected by this epidemic. Within this framework, the workshop focuses on three health-related areas that are connected with the virus. Three groups of participants are obtaining certification in the following areas:


- Epidemic control for volunteers

- Psychosocial support in emergencies

- Sanitation and hygiene promotion


Each specialization includes a Zika training module, studies and presentations, as well as lectures on interactive educational methods and preparatory workshops. Once they are done with the training, students will have the capacity to give a workshop on their speciality and share their newly obtained knowledge with national societies, volunteers and communities. 


The main goal of this training of trainers is to have participants replicate the workshop when they return to their countries, especially Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. This way, national societies will have the capacity to implement actions that have a multiplying effect and can improve health interventions focused on Zika virus control.


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