Spreading the first aid message to the media

Publié: 13 septembre 2013 12:02 CET

For two days, 20 journalists from different news organization had the opportunity to take part in a first aid course managed by the Salvadoran Red Cross in collaboration with the LARRA II Project, supported by the American Red Cross.

The primary objective of the sessions were to give journalists a basic knowledge of first aid techniques that could be used by a first responder to an accident or disaster, as in many cases, a journalist might be first on the scene. The second priority, of course, was to raise the profile of first aid in the country and encourage others to get themselves trained.

Among the topics covered in these sessions were bandage application, bone and joint injuries, burns and poisoning, all taught by Head of Broadcasting, Luis Quezada. In his opening remarks, he said: "We are aware that first aid is very helpful during a time of emergency, therefore it is important to know what to do, especially for the work you perform which in many cases will put you in places where risk of injury is high."

This initiative was the brainchild of First Vice President of the Salvadoran Red Cross, Nora Stemp, who said she was satisfied with the outcome of the course. "This idea was born from the recognition that you may be the first on the scene in an accident or other emergency. We also hope that some of you will join us as volunteers and put what you have learned into practice."


Everyone everywhere

The Red Cross Red Crescent worldwide is asking for legislative provisions to make first aid training compulsory for every individual seeking to obtain a driving licence. Based on our experience as the world’s leading first aid provider and educator, we also recognize that first aid training is essential for all people at all stages of their life – at home, in school, at the workplace. First aid is for everyone, everywhere.