IFRC Americas Regional Director visits Port-au-Prince

Publié: 4 novembre 2015 22:14 CET

Between October 19-20th, Mr. Walter Cotte, Americas Regional Office Director for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies visited Haiti. Right after his arrival in Port-au-Prince Mr. Cotte met with the President  of the National Society: Mr. Guiteau Jean-Pierre and members of the Director committee  of the Haitian Red Cross.

Mr. Cotte thanked the National Societies for their efforts and commitment to support the Haitian Red Cross. Mr. Cotte noted that the country is not anymore in the phase of emergency thus, the efforts have to be more focused in the strengthening capacities of the National Society and “we need to prepare the exit strategy in order to enable the National Society to stand on its own feet”, he said.

On the second day of his visit to Haiti, Mr. Cotte met the head of Haitian civil protection agency: Mrs. Alta Jean-Baptiste. The discussions concerned the best way for the IFRC to support Haitian civil protection in the management of emergencies in the country. They agreed on the fact that there is no sound   legal framework in Haiti in the managing of disaster and they took the decision to urge the advocacy activities regarding this matter.

With the support of the National society, Mr. Cotte took also advantage of his stay in Port-au-Prince to make a follow up on the status agreement between the IFRC and Haitian government by meeting the General Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Mr. Fortune Dorlean.

The General Director of the MFA expressed his admiration for all the work that have been carried out by the Red Cross Movement and promised his support to the IFRC by submitting a proposed legislation in the next council of ministries.

As part of his visit, Mr. Cotte met with the IFRC staff and thanked them for all the good work that have been performed in Haiti since the beginning of the operation.

Additionally Mr. Cotte, introduced his new vision for Haiti to the staff consisting in:

- The strengthening capacities of the Haitian Red Cross;

- Haiti will be the center of the cluster Of knowledge in the Caribbean (Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic);

- Continuing working in health, including the cholera program;

- Supporting NS in the management of risk reduction activities;

- Working in migration problem, by supporting the bi-national initiative.  

Before leaving Haiti Mr. Cotte renewed his commitment to the Haitian Red Cross and produced some recommendations to the President of the National on the different topics raised during his in Haiti.