Budgeting for emergency response

Publié: 21 septembre 2016 1:32 CET

As part of the project “Capacity Building for Emergency Response in the Americas" (CERA) and with methodological support from the Reference Centre for Institutional Disaster Preparedness (CREPD), as well as from the Finance, Logistics and Resource Mobilization Units of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, a technical workshop was held in Honduras with participation from representatives of Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and Haiti National Societies, to work on the establishment of budgets for emergency operations based on disaster scenarios.

The tool resulting from this workshop complements emergency response planning processes used in the region. The budgets developed estimate the funds that would be required to deal with a disaster or crisis situation, and enables National Societies to estimate the financial cost to initiate a response operation while waiting for other funds to be activated.

Thanks to this initiative, there is now a guide with steps and criteria for incorporating budgets in Response and Contingency Plans, which will be disseminated to other National Societies in the region through CREPD. The guide will be accompanied by a user-friendly budget format that is in line with that used by IFRC and easy for National Societies to use. It includes a list of the items most likely to be used in emergencies as well as a User's Handbook.

A first draft budget for Contingency Plans of all four participating National Societies was prepared during this workshop.



The "Capacity Building for Emergency Response in the Americas" (CERA) project seeks to strengthen the capacity of National Societies in Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic to better prepare for and respond to the needs of vulnerable populations affected by humanitarian crises and natural disasters. This initiative is co-funded by the Canadian Red Cross and the Government of Canada, and is implemented with technical support from the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.