Indian Red Cross braced for potential impact of Cyclone Phailin

Publié: 12 octobre 2013 15:35 CET

Coastal areas of India are on alert in preparation for the expected arrival of Cyclone Phailin. The Indian Red Cross Society is preparing for major impact, but says it is better prepared than ever to deal with both the storm and its effects.

The storm is expected to make landfall on evening of 12 October with maximum sustained wind speed of 210-220 km/h. The hope is that this storm’s impact will not match that of Cyclone Orissa in 1999, which killed over 10,000 people.

Reports indicated that nearly 400,000 people on India’s coast have fled to cyclone shelters after the government issued a red alert and warned of severe damage. The evacuations were supported by the Red Cross and led by local authorities.

While the goal to ensure that preparedness measures will save lives, Cyclone Phailin is predicted to be one of the largest storms the country has ever seen.  Officials are indicating it could become a ‘super cyclone’.

Disaster preparedness stocks are also made ready in regional warehouse in Kolkata. Coastal communities have been alerted for their safety and over 60 first medical responders are deployed to take action.