In Pictures: Severe floods in DPRK

On August 30th, heavy rains caused devastating floods that swept through the northeast region of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). The floods are considered to be the worst in decades, leaving 600,000 people in North Hamgyong Province in need of humanitarian assistance. Hundreds have died and some 30,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed, rendering 70,000 people homeless.

The DPRK Red Cross Society is on the ground providing emergency relief assistance. Over 28,000 people have been reached with non-food relief items including tarpaulins for emergency shelter, kitchen sets, hygiene kits, bedding and water containers. On 21 September, the IFRC launched a 15.2 million Swiss Francs emergency appeal (USD 15.5 million, Euros 13.9 million) to assist more than 330,000 people with aid. As winter sets in, the Red Cross is urging international donors to support its ongoing relief efforts.

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In Hoeryong City, flash floods swept through rural communities, destroying homes and crops and taking everything in their path. In the village of Maenyang Dong, Red Cross emergency response teams found local residents salvaging whatever possessions they could find from the debris of their homes. Photo Credit: IFRC

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A major concern for the Red Cross is the approaching winter. Shelter remains the paramount need with temperatures dropping to sub-zero at night by the end of October. Thousands of survivors have been staying in temporary shelters or in public buildings and with host families. Photo credit: IFRC

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Community members near Hoeryong City in Northern Hamgyong repair damage caused to local roads and flood barriers after devastating floods destroyed tens of thousands of homes in the province. Photo Credit: IFRC

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DPRK Red Cross assessment teams who visited some of the most affected areas report that shelter, safe water, food and health care are in urgent need. The floods also left at least 104,000 people in Hoeryong City with no access to safe drinking water. An estimated 600,000 people in more than six counties have been affected by disruptions to water supply systems. Photo Credit: IFRC 

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Over 2,000 DPRK Red Cross staff and volunteers have been involved in relief efforts. Immediately after the floods struck, volunteers supported local authorities in search and rescue efforts and also provided first aid services. Non-food relief supplies from the Red Cross including tarpaulins, kitchen sets, hygiene items and warm bedding have reached 28,000 people. Photo Credit: IFRC

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Musan County, Yonsa County and Hoeryong City are the worst affected counties in North Hamgyong Province. DPRK Red Cross first aid staff have seen an increase in communicable diseases like diarrhea and respiratory infections which are on the rise amongst the young and old due to the poor living conditions. Photo Credit: Marlene Fiedler/ FRC

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DPRK Red Cross staff are making follow up visits to families who have received vital relief items such as kitchen sets and bedding. The Red Cross is planning further distributions as part of a winterization campaign under which people will receive warm clothes, fuel for heating and other household items. Photo Credit: Marlene Fiedler/ FRC

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As the construction of permanent homes begins, tarpaulins provided by the Red Cross serve a vital purpose in the construction of temporary shelters for thousands of displaced families in many communities. Photo Credit: Marlene Fiedler/IFRC

Online donations to the IFRC’s emergency appeal can be made here

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