'Every day work' providing exceptional results for flood-affected communities

Publié: 10 octobre 2013 9:32 CET

By Kate Roux, IFRC

"Flooding like this is normal this time of year," explains one resident as she sits on boat outside her home. The Thai Red Cross hands her a large, white bag filled with dry goods, followed by a package of bottled water and rice.

It is early October and thankfully so far, the seasonal flooding is not as bad as the floods in 2011. Yet the fear is still palpable among residents, local authorities and the Thai Red Cross alike. Passing through one village, watermarks from the terrible floods are still visible on the side of many homes.

For the Health and Relief Bureau of Thai Red Cross Society however, whether the flooding is exceptional or not, they are there to serve communities in need.

"The head of the Red Cross branch in Phatumtanee District explained she needed support for her community members, so we come," says Dr. Barlee, head of the Relief Bureau.

In response to the request made by the branch director, the Thai Red Cross organized close to 500 family kits, each accompanied by a 5kg bag of rice and pack of bottled water. The Red Cross trucks set off from Bangkok on the morning of 11 October and by the early afternoon, all of it was distributed in two different villages. With the support of the local disaster management agency, TRCS set up distribution points in town halls ad delivered packages by boat.

"The hardest part is transport," explains one 74-year old woman who floats on a thick Styrofoam boat next to her neighbor, who is 83-years of age. They each take a Red Cross package and paddle away smiling. For the Thai Red Cross Society, it is just part of the everyday work to meet the needs of the most vulnerable communities everywhere, in Thailand.