Thai Red Cross responds to once in a generation flooding

Publié: 21 octobre 2011 14:06 CET

By Matthew Cochrane

Thailand’s worst flooding in more than half a century continues to cause havoc across the country, with authorities now warning of serious flood risks in Bangkok. Over the past week, authorities have struggled to prevent floods from rushing into the capital city, trying instead to divert water around the city centre.

The flooding – which began in late June – has caused an estimated 3.3 billion US dollars in damage to the nation’s economy. 342 people have been killed and almost 2.5 million affected.

The Thai Red Cross has been responding to the floods in 34 of the 62 provinces that have been affected by the rising waters. Volunteers and staff have reached over 500,000 people with more than 137 million Thai Baht (about 4.4 million US dollars) of relief and support.

More than 133,000 relief kits have been distributed to families who have been forced from their homes or isolated. These kits include the types of items that are often lost, left behind or difficult to acquire during disasters such as food, clothing, and household medical supplies. Over 1.5 million bottles of drinking water have have also been distributed.

16 Red Cross flat bottom boats have been active in six provinces, working alongside authorities to evacuate at risk communities. Three water purification trucks have also been deployed to two provinces.

Three mobile health units, made up of a medical doctor, pharmacist and a nurse have been active in two provinces, using a flat bottom boat to reach isolated communities.

Community turns to the Red Cross

The Thai Red Cross has received overwhelming support from the public. More than 116 million Thai Baht (about 3.7 million US dollars) has been donated in Thailand. The Red Cross is not seeking international donations, but has received support from a number of governments and international organizations.

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