In-pictures - World AIDS Day: Adam's Love

Thailand is among the top six countries in Asia that account for more than 90 per cent of the people living with HIV in the region. While new infections in Thailand have declined by 46 per cent, the country still has 440,000 people living with HIV, 430,000 of who are adults aged 15 and above. In Bangkok, HIV prevalence among gay men and other men who have sex with men is 24.4 per cent compared to the national HIV prevalence of 7 per cent for this population across all of Thailand.

In September 2011, The Thai Red Cross Society’s AIDS Research Centre launched Adam's Love, Thailand's official men who have sex with men (MSM) health project. The project is centred around an edutainment website,, an innovative strategy that uses communication technology to scale-up routine HIV testing, promote safe sexual behaviour and build positive self-image among MSM and transgender population. By harnessing the power of social change by putting people first, Adam’s Love is working towards closing the access gap. Thai Red Cross Society


The campaign features Thai celebrities as role models, fashion photography designed to increase HIV and AIDS awareness and testing, a preventive approach regarding safer sex practices, a membership club programme offering incentives for three-monthly HIV testing, over 80 expert advice videos, and integrated social media and web message boards for health advice. The campaign is linked with the Anonymous Clinic at the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre to make HIV testing accessible. Thai Red Cross Society.


To close the testing gap, Adam’s Love is being endorsed by high profile Thai celebrities, who are getting tested to promote early and routine HIV testing among at-risk groups and reduce stigma associated with HIV in Thailand. Video coverage of celebrities getting tested at the Thai Red Cross Society’s AIDS Research Centre are posted on Adam’s Love social media networks that then go viral among the MSM community. Thai Red Cross Society


Billboards are being placed in strategic locations promoting messages like Enjoy Safe Love, Get Tested Every 3 months particularly to raise awareness among men who love men. Thai Red Cross Society

Adam’s Love
is contributing to closing the access gap. It’s website is popular and has gained 1.5 million visitors, 124 million hits and 9,496,019 pages view. One-quarter of clients of the Men’s Health Clinic report obtaining HTC services because of the site. Thai Red Cross Society