Belarusian Red Cross Youth promote responsible behaviours on World AIDS Day

Publié: 2 décembre 2011 14:06 CET

“I will get tested for HIV.”

“I use condoms.”

“I’ll tell my friends about the HIV infection.”

“I’ll refrain from drugs.”

“I’ll be faithful to my partner.”

“I’ll learn more about HIV.”

These are just few of the commitments that Belarusian youth took yesterday on the launch of the campaign organised by the Belarusian Red Cross for World AIDS Day. By standing in front of big banners which read these ‘behavioural models’ and having their photos taken by Red Cross volunteers, participants symbolically expressed their will to adopt responsible behaviours and protect themselves from the virus.

This is just one of the activities organised by the youth volunteers of the National Society in 16 cities of Belarus, in the framework of the Belarusian Red Cross joint HIV and AIDS programme, with the overall goal of giving young people an opportunity to be role models and living examples of responsible behaviour.

Another event dedicated to 1 December was the official opening of the exhibition ‘A city where people live’ in Lida town, Grodno region, organised in cooperation with the Belarusian Community of People Living with HIV.

“In our school we have mottos like: ‘Fight against AIDS, ‘HIV/AIDS Prevention’, but I always ask myself: Where are these people? It doesn’t concern me, it happens somewhere else,” said one of the visitors. “But today I have seen the situation from another perspective, through the eyes of those who are living with HIV. I believe this is much more effective than just showing statistics or ways of transmission.”

According to one youth volunteer of the Belarusian Red Cross: “After my work at the exhibition, my attitude towards people living with HIV changed radically. I think that my peers have also transformed their attitude to the problem: I saw their on their faces and in their eyes when they were reading the letters by HIV-positive people.”