Beneficiary profile: Hajdar from Janja, Republika Srpska

Publié: 15 août 2014 18:03 CET

Hajdar and his family woke at 3 am one night in May to the sound of rushing water; floods had arrived in Janja. He and his family quickly went to the upper floor of his neighbour’s house to escape the invading river. Within 30 minutes, everything was under water.

Janja has not seen floods like this since 1984, but even then the water did not rise as high as it did in May of this year. Hajdar and his family were shaken by the damage to their home, but not beaten by it. They are keen to move back in as quickly as possible.

Hajdar has already begun to make small repairs to his family’s home using the cash grant provided by the Red Cross, including repairing the wood-fired heating system. He is worried though that the floods will return, and that his efforts to recover will be dashed.