Sad stories at Red Cross distribution point in Lesvos

Publié: 17 novembre 2015 19:38 CET

By Caroline Haga, IFRC

The Hellenic Red Cross distribution point is busy on Saturday afternoon at the Kara Tepe registration centre. Syrian families are picking up hygiene kits, baby items and carriers, winter jackets, and survival kits with food, water and other basic items.

Bisan, 16, is travelling with her mother and sister-in-law. They are hoping to reach Sweden where Bisan’s brother, 26, has been living for the past year. While looking for a change of clothes among the piles donated by locals, this articulate young woman recalls the family’s terrifying journey.

“We tried many times to cross the sea. When we finally managed to get out to sea and were surrounded by big waves, men with guns from the shore shot the person who was steering the boat,” she says. “He fell into the water but was still alive. Thankfully, the coast guard came and helped us to the shore.”

But Bisan is not allowing the situation to affect her future hopes. “I want to be a surgeon because when he was dying my father said that he hoped I would become one," she says.

Batool, 20, and her brother Firas, 15, have also found the distribution point and received some much needed supplies. Despite her smile, Batool, who is studying to become a teacher, is desperately searching for the rest of her family.

“We got separated during the sea crossing and now I’m here with my two brothers. But I have spoken to them by phone and they trying to follow us as soon as possible from Turkey,” she says. “The Red Cross has been very kind in helping us. Firas even received a new winter coat and I know that they will be able to help us to find our family if needed.” 

“It’s so hard to be away from our country and our house. But imagine having weapons everywhere, blood everywhere, every day – it is too scary. Our generation would have so much to give in life if there is peace.”