Oslo rocked by twin tragedies, toll continues to rise

Publié: 22 juillet 2011 22:03 CET

Norway's capital Oslo has suffered twin tragedies as an explosion devastated the heart of the city and a gunman apparently attacked children and adults at a campsite on an island to the west of the city.

The Norwegian Red Cross will put its efforts into supporting the authorities and those affected by the tragedy. "As the rescue efforts continue from the official rescue teams and police, we expect that we will be involved in care and psychological support to everyone involved near the city centre or anywhere else in our country. We also plan to open Red Cross offices around the country for support this weekend,” they said in a statement issued on Friday.

In a joint message to the Norwegian Red Cross, The IFRC's President, Tadateru Konoe, and Secretary General, Bekele Geleta, said: "We know the pain that the Norwegian people are going through, as we have seen it in many other countries of the world which have been rocked by violence. Already, we have heard it said that 'Norway will never be the same again.' However, this violence can never change the warmth and solidarity that you show to the most vulnerable and to the suffering people of other nations, near and far."

Details of the incidents are still not clear but police in Oslo have said that at least 84 people, many of them children, were killed by a gunman on Utoya island and that the toll may continue to rise. Seven people were said to be dead following the explosion in the city.

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