In-pictures: Turkey: from the factory to the field

During the last Red Cross Red Crescent partnership meeting, hosted by Turkish Red Crescent, participants visit the TRC tent factory in Ankara. 60 thousands tents are always available in case of need for national natural disaster. TRC staff is also testing some new materials for tents that must resist in tough conditions and extreme temperature. Below some pictures of all the process to make a tent.


The compound where all the different part of the tents are sewed together. Ibrahim Malla/IFRC


Turkish Red Crescent staff while preparing the pieces of the tents. Ibrahim Malla/IFRC


All the Turkish Red Crescent staff at work. Ibrahim Malla/IFRC


Turkish Red Crescent team preparing the emblem on the tents. Ibrahim Malla/IFRC


A showroom for the various types of tents. Ibrahim Malla/IFRC


TRC tents packed ready to be sent on the field. Ibrahim Malla/IFRC


A Syrian kid near a tent inside a camp in Turkey. Ibrahim Malla/IFRC