New appeal launched to assist Syrians seeking temporary protection in Turkey

Publié: 13 novembre 2012 14:45 CET

Since early 2011, the civil unrest in Syria has caused mass-displacement within Syria and into neighbouring countries. By early November 2012, the number of people registered by UNHCR in the neighbouring countries reached 301,200. Of these, 110,649 were in 14 camps in Turkey operated by the authorities and supported by the Turkish Red Crescent Society, which provides shelter, food items, cooked meals, and non-food items such as sanitation and shower facilities.

Since July the number of Syrian citizens seeking temporary protection in Turkey has doubled due to the fighting in and around Aleppo. With no imminent resolution to the conflict in sight, an additional influx is expected in coming months.

This, combined with the approaching winter, means the humanitarian needs will increase, and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies has therefore launched an emergency appeal on behalf of the Turkish Red Crescent Society for 32.3 million Swiss francs (33.9 million US dollars). These funds will allow the organization to increase its operation.

The appeal will provide support to approximately 100,000 people currently living in camps, including distribution of a winter package containing an electric heater, cooking facilities, warm clothing, thermal blankets, plastic sheeting and other items.

The appeal also seeks to provide essential food and non-food relief items positioned on the border in Turkey for approximately 20,000 people at the Turkish-Syrian border, as well as contingency stocks to provide assistance for an additional 50,000 people, should the influx increase.

The Turkish Red Crescent Society provides all assistance exclusively from the Turkish side of the border and does not engage in any cross-border activities.