Turkish Red Crescent Society responds to Istanbul airport attack

Publié: 29 juin 2016 15:59 CET

By Yasemin Coskun, TRCS

Following a series of bomb and gun attacks at Istanbul Ataturk International Airport on 28 June, the Turkish Red Crescent Society, in coordination with the state authorities, was mobilized to respond to the humanitarian needs of victims and their families.

Volunteers and staff from the society supported family members of the people caught in the blasts by comforting them and offering them hot meals while they were waiting for news about their loved ones.

Specialists were also available to support the relatives of those who had died in the attack.
In the immediate aftermath of the blasts, the Turkish Red Crescent Society provided blood supplies to hospitals looking after the wounded.

The society coordinated its response with the Marmara Regional Disaster Operation Center and the blood centers in the region.

Blood donation centers were open through the night at different locations in Istanbul as residents joined in the efforts to ensure enough blood was available to treat all those who needed it. The Red Crescent has also used its existing stocks to maintain supply.

Dr. Kerem Kınık, the President of Turkish Red Crescent Society, said concerned people should go to Red Crescent donation centres to give blood, rather than to hospitals, which may be overwhelmed. ”Since the explosions, we have delivered blood to hospitals in a coordinated manner with the help of our emergency desk. Currently, there is no urgent need for blood. We have sufficient blood in our stocks.”

Dr. Kerem warned of the danger of people in need not being able to access the services in the hospitals crowded by donors. “People are flooding the hospitals for blood donations in these kind of situations. They are going to emergency wards and restrain other patients to reach the services,” he said.

The Red Crescent monitors emergencies from its Disaster Operation Center in Ankara and is ready to meet the blood needs in Istanbul by  coordinating supplies from the Regional Blood Centers throughout Turkey.