Red Crescent responds to severe snowstorm in Iran

Publié: 2 mars 2014 22:17 CET

The record-breaking early-February snowstorm dumped severe snow in 26 provinces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, mainly in the Northern Province of Mazandaran and left local people with immense needs. During the last two weeks,  relief workers from the provincial branch of the Red Crescent of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRCS) in Mazandaran provided relief and rescue services to 11,900 people and settled 200 trapped persons in safer places.

Furthermore, 46 injured people together with 2 pregnant women were also evacuated to the hospitals and one outpatient received treatment on the spot by Red Crescent relief workers. During its relief and rescue operations, the IRCS distributed 205 blankets, 6,400 food parcels, 49,000 loaves of bread, and 14,500 bottles of mineral water amongst the affected and rescued 621 vehicles stuck in snow so far.

Relief and rescue teams of the IRCS from the provinces of Mashhad, Tehran, Alborz and Semnan were also dispatched to Mazandaran province to speed up the operation and help relief efforts in the province.

According to the IRCS Relief and Rescue Organization, 5 tons of food items plus medicines and medical supplies were transported by the IRCS relief helicopter from Sari city, capital of Mazandaran province to the hard-hit areas.

About 126 relief teams of the IRCS with 789 relief workers were involved in carrying out relief services on the roads as well. Red Crescent teams have also rescued five mountain climbers who had been lost in Noshahr heights.