Saving Lives day attracts hundreds to see the work of the MDA in Israel

Publié: 13 mars 2015 9:01 CET

By Racheli Ikar Cohen, MDA

Magen David Adom in Israel’s Saving Lives event, held in a shopping mall in the southern city of Beer Sheva, attracted hundreds of people late last month.

The event was held to raise awareness of the importance of having a basic knowledge in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) which helps people save lives.

"I am thrilled about the success of this special day. We had great turnover. People in the mall were curious, asked questions, participated and played along,” said Ronen Grizak, a volunteer leader in the National Society’s Negev region.

Youth volunteers offered CPR training at eight different stations, demonstrating how to perform CPR on lifelike models and inviting members of the public to practice the skill.

The event was held in close cooperation with the city municipality. The city mayor took part in the blood donation activities alongside members of the general public. He offered the ‘gift of life’ in support of those in need of blood products.

The society’s highly trained staff travelled to the mall in its mobile blood collection facilities. The vehicles, which were on display in the parking lot outside the mall, attracting the curiosity of children who asked the volunteers many questions while exploring inside the cars.

“I am so proud of the volunteers who participated and hope that today marks the beginning of a long tradition," said Grizak as hundreds of people from his community became more familiar with the important work of Magen David Adom in Israel.

An added benefit to the event was that the community discovered how to make a critical difference to their own communities and the lives of others through volunteering.