IFRC President commends the life-saving and peace-building role of the Palestine Red Crescent Society

Publié: 21 février 2013 9:24 CET

While meeting H.E Mr Salam Fayyad, the Prime Minister of the State of Palestine, the President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), Mr. Tadateru Konoé, emphasized the exemplary partnership between the Palestinian government and the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS).

“I’m impressed by the work and capabilities carried out by the National Society in close coordination with Palestinian authorities for rising to the numerous humanitarian and development challenges they face,” said President Konoé. “It is a matter of pride for the IFRC to count such a strong member having developed excellent humanitarian standards while exemplifying our Fundamental Principles in such a difficult and complex context on a daily basis.”

Enjoying a high level of recognition, respect and appreciation by the Palestinian people, the PRCS provides a wide range of services from disaster preparedness and emergency medical care to healthcare and psychosocial support, across Palestinian occupied territory and among the Palestinian diaspora. It can count on a qualified workforce of 7,000 trained volunteers (with an additional 5,000 as reserve volunteers) and 1,600 employees.

“Our goal is not only to deliver life-saving services in the face of repeated, man-made crises derived from the occupation, but to comprehensively engage in building community resilience,” said Dr Younis al Khatib, President of PRCS. “The overall and constant challenge we face to do so is obviously this climate of long-lasting uncertainty, hindrances and despair we are operating in. It takes a lot of energy and endless patience to overcome it, with the necessary support and trust of our Movement partners.” 

President Younis al-Khatib also raised the issue of the Palestinian refugees, especially those from Syria who are suffering from the conflict that has torn their country apart. “The IFRC launched an appeal in January in response to the Syria crisis which focuses on scaling up our assistance and support to refugee populations,” Mr Konoé said.

Closing his two-day visit to the PRCS, including its branches of Hebron and East-Jerusalem, President Konoé praised the quality support offered to vulnerable families and children, and the organization’s expertise in disaster preparedness and response. “You are an inspiration of competence, bravery and dedication for all of us,” he said. “You also form the primary network of first responders in your communities. You lead peace-building work based on humanitarian values that keep up people’s hope – my hope – in a future of stability and commonly shared development.”