First-aid trainers needed in Syria

Publié: 12 septembre 2013 10:00 CET

By Vivian Tou’meh, Syrian Arab Red Crescent

Choosing the right words and body language to use in a critical situation are highly important to first aiders. These skills, along with standard first-aid training, were being taught to Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers at a workshop in Damascus recently. 

Since the beginning of the civil unrest, Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers have been going to the field in the most troubled spots to help those injured by the violence. 

As part of efforts to strengthen their capacities, first-aid trainers from Syrian Arab Red Crescent branches organized a seven-day training course in August, the 'training of trainers'. A total of 32 first aiders from across Syria took part in the workshop, which was supported by the Danish Red Cross through ECHO funding.

“This training course was carried out with the aim to expand first-aid service capabilities, and to address the urgent need for first-aid trainers in all our branches across the country,” says Razan Jaradeh, head the Syrian Arab Red Crescent’s central first aid committee. “First aid is the most vital service we offer, especially in the current circumstances,” she added.

Saadeh Zeino, a first-aid trainer at the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, says: “The volunteers were taught many skills, for example, verbal and non-verbal communication, first-aid training techniques and how to take an advantage of them, how to plan and organize a first-aid training course, and how to deal with the challenges and difficulties first-aid trainers could face.”

Volunteer Farah Farras says, “We are in urgent need of paramedics and a first-aid trainer in the Deir Ezzor branch on a daily basis, 24 hours a day. In these hard times and in emergencies, we depend on volunteers who have followed a basic first-aid course, even if they do not have expertise in advanced first aid.”

When asked whether she will be able to undertake the first-aid trainer assignment in her branch, she says, “I am waiting impatiently for next Thursday, when we will receive the final results, then I‘ll be ready to train my colleagues on first aid in the Deir Ezzor branch.”

The new graduates have already spent at least a year as volunteers in first-aid teams, and have followed both the basic first-aid training course and the advanced first-aid course. They will soon be able to start training first aiders themselves, in their own branch, after successfully passing the training of trainers test. 

All volunteers at the Syrian Arab Red Crescent are committed to the seven principles of the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, as well as helping provide the emergency services that are needed in the area.


Everyone everywhere

The Red Cross Red Crescent worldwide is asking for legislative provisions to make first aid training compulsory for every individual seeking to obtain a driving licence. Based on our experience as the world’s leading first aid provider and educator, we also recognize that first aid training is essential for all people at all stages of their life – at home, in school, at the workplace. First aid is for everyone, everywhere.