Policy Forum on Development

On the occasion of the Policy Forum on Development, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, in partnership with the European Commission and the Policy Forum on Development invite you to a lunch-time side event hosted by the Committee of the Regions on 

A moderated panel discussion to mark the official global launch of the project Rights of Migrants in Action

Committee of the Regions, Bâtiment Jacques Delors - Room JDE 53
99-101 Rue Belliard - 1040 Brussels

Thursday 2nd October, 2014 |13.00 – 13.45

A buffet lunch will be available at the venue starting from 12.30

RSVP by 22 September 2014 to federico.fadiga@redcross.eu

Panellists will include:

• Welcome note by Béatrice Taulègne, Deputy Director, Horizontal Policies and Networks, Committee of the Regions

• Walter Cotte Witingan, Under Secretary General for Programs and Services, IFRC

• Lluis Riera Figuras, European Commission, Director of Human and Society Development Directorate of the Directorate-General for Development and Cooperation — EuropeAid

• Marieke Koning, Policy Advisor and expert on (migrant) domestic workers, Equality Department, ITUC

The event will be moderated by Ralph Genetzke, Director of the Brussels Mission, International Centre for Migration Policy Development

About this event

Migration is a growing phenomenon that occurs in virtually every country. Whilst many migrants move voluntarily – perhaps looking for economic opportunities or for different living conditions – others do not have a choice. More and more people are forced to flee their homes and communities because of many factors including conflicts, insecurity, disasters and poverty. Many migrants succeed in establishing themselves in their new communities, but others face abuses and discriminations, and these are of primary concern for the IFRC and its National Societies.

Rights of migrants in action is a 42 month project, co-funded by the European Union with a global scope, to be implemented in selected countries worldwide. The main target groups of the Action will be the civil society organisations and actors, in particular local NGOs dealing with the promotion and protection of the human rights of migrants, but also migrants associations and workers’ associations. Employers’ associations and the private sector in general will be relevant target groups of the awareness raising activities. The central and local government authorities of the selected countries will be the main target groups of the advocacy activities carried out. The final beneficiaries will be the migrant population, in particular the most vulnerable groups.  

The effectiveness of interventions in the field of migration largely depends on the identification and establishment of strategic partnerships between civil society organizations and governments at decentralised levels. The most successful and sustainable Migration and Development (M&D) interventions identified by different actors during the past years are those with strong anchorage with the local governments in countries of origin and destination, in line with the essential local-to-local dimension of the M&D nexus.

This event will promote debate, consultation and exchange of information about the issues related to migrant domestic workers and victims of human trafficking in countries in which the project will be implemented and will also be an opportunity to share experiences of EU and IFRC main policies and initiatives in the field of migration.

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