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Collapse ClimatologicalClimatological
Cold Wave
Heat Wave
Collapse BiologicalBiological
Biological Emergency
Insect Infestation
Collapse GeophysicalGeophysical
Volcanic Eruption
Collapse MeteorologicalMeteorological
Collapse HydrologicalHydrological
Pluvial/Flash Flood
Storm Surge
Collapse Technological and Man MadeTechnological and Man Made
Chemical Emergency
Nuclear Emergency
Radiological Emergency
Transport Accident
Collapse Non Technological and Man MadeNon Technological and Man Made
Civil Unrest
Complex Emergency
Food Insecurity
Population Movement
Collapse OtherOther
All other disaster and emergencies
Réponse de la direction
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Collapse EvaluationEvaluation
Cluster evaluation
Conference evaluation
Final evaluation
Impact evaluation
Joint evaluation
Meta evaluation
Mid-term evaluation
Real-time evaluation
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Case study/research

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Localisation Catégorie Titre Type Organisation Réponse direction Document Date de publication
- Global - - Conference Evaluation of IFRC's National Society Legal Advisor's Meeting Conference evaluation IFRC pdf
06 août 2015
Zimbabwe Flood Zimbabwe Floods DREF Review Final Report Review IFRC pdf
20 juil. 2015
Turkey Population Movement Turkish Red Crescent - Community Centre project - needs assessment report Baseline IFRC pdf
14 juil. 2015
Philippines - Final Evaluation of Typhoon Bhopa/Pablo Operation Final evaluation IFRC pdf
13 juil. 2015
Philippines Cyclone Mid-Term Review: BRC/PRC Typhoon Haiyan - Iloilo Recovery Programme Mid-term evaluation IFRC pdf
02 juil. 2015
Viet Nam Cyclone, Pluvial/Flash Flood Final Evaluation of the Climate Smart Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Project in Vietnam Final evaluation IFRC pdf
30 juin 2015
Ghana Epidemic MDRGH010 Ghana Cholera DREF Review Report Review IFRC pdf
17 juin 2015
- Global - - Meta evaluation of 2014 IFRC evaluations Meta evaluation IFRC pdf
09 juin 2015
Americas regional office - Mid-Term Review of Regional Health and Organizational Development Programme Funded by Norwegian Red Cross/NORAD Mid-term evaluation IFRC zip
06 juin 2015
Haiti - DRM Programme - Mid-term Evaluation Report Mid-term evaluation IFRC zip
02 juin 2015
- Global - - Review of the Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) Review IFRC zip
29 mai 2015
Africa All other disaster and emergencies An evaluation of the capacities and methodology to prepare for and respond to slow onset disasters in Africa Survey IFRC pdf
25 mai 2015
Belarus - Midterm review report - Belarus Red Cross Project for Mental Health Mid-term evaluation IFRC pdf
14 mai 2015
Central Asia country cluster - Report on the results of the internal evaluation of the project "Empowering Central Asian migrants and returnees to improve living and protect dignity" Mid-term evaluation IFRC pdf
14 mai 2015
Belarus - Mid-term Review: Youth volunteering to fight trafficking in human beings and abuse in Belarus Mid-term evaluation IFRC pdf
13 mai 2015
Asia Pacific - Review of the Asia Pacific Emergency Health Training Review IFRC pdf
01 mai 2015
Bangladesh Flood Mid Term Review Bangladesh Floods 2014 Mid-term evaluation IFRC zip
30 avr. 2015
Syria Complex Emergency IFRC response to the Syria Crisis 2012-2014 Real-time evaluation IFRC zip
24 mars 2015
- Global - Epidemic Real Time Evaluation of the IFRC Response to the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak Real-time evaluation IFRC pdf
12 mars 2015
Tajikistan Flood Tajikistan DREF Operations Evaluation Final evaluation IFRC pdf
04 mars 2015
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