Profile of vulnerable people - Felix

Published: 18 December 2014 22:29 CET

The first person we saw when we arrived into Saint Charles Lwanga camp was Felix and his large smile.

Felix is 42 and has four children ranging in age from 5 to 16 years of age; two boys, two girls and a wife. They all fled their community more than one year ago when their house was attacked. His family managed to run away to a safer place with his in-laws on the farm, but Felix is handicapped and his condition did not allow him to follow the same road. His brother was killed that day.

For the past year, Felix has been living in a tent, together with more than 60 other people, struggling to find food and often sick with malaria. “I eat once a day, when the priest from the local church gives me a bit of food, but sometimes I go to sleep without eating, like today,” he says.

Felix has not see his family since they were separated. He knows his children have not gone to school for a year, and that for now, and even if he would like to, the idea of going back to his house is only a dream.

Felix used to run a shop before the crisis started, but he has lost everything. “I would like to go back, but to do what? And with what? I have lost everything.”