Volunteer - Danny

Published: 18 December 2014 22:06 CET

My name is Danny, I am a volunteer with the Central African Red Cross Society. I am a nurse and a trainer. I am in charge of the vaccination programme for babies and pregnant women. When there are first aid courses, I am also helping.

What motivated me to become a volunteer is one person, called Jean-Moïse Modessi. I saw him once during a natural disaster, some floods in a neighbourhood of Bangui. I was coming back from school, and I went to the Red Cross to seek information, and then I joined as a volunteer. What I really liked was to see these volunteers giving everything they can, in the mud, helping children who were drowning and doing all this with a smile. That really motivated me to do the same thing.

The events that have shaken the country have traumatized many people. Volunteers are really affected because we also lost parents. We help anyone who needs us. We are committed to make this work, but it's really difficult for us. We have been beaten up, our Red Cross clothes have been torn apart, some have thrown dirty water at us, but we still cope and we keep on working, until now.

I cannot let go. I am motivated and I am committed to doing first aid, so I will. I know the values of the Movement and I want to help others, victims during armed conflict or during natural disasters. I am motivated.

We should also recruit many more volunteers, as we are not enough to cope with the realities on the ground. We need trained rescuers to come to work.

One of the most difficult moments for me was when I was responding to a car accident. It was the first time I was seeing dead bodies, many bodies. I was really shaken. And then, there were the events of the last year. They have really touched us. There were many dead bodies. The damage was really huge, it was horrible.

The hope is that peace returns; a definitive peace.