Iraqi celebrities join the Red Crescent to relieve the displaced families

Published: 22 July 2014 18:25 CET

As violence continues in Mosul, the humanitarian situation for many families is still very challenging, and has forced more than 91,000 families to leave their homes in search of safety. The Iraqi Red Crescent Society has been providing essential aid and relief support to families, including shelter, food and water through its staff and volunteers across the country.  

As part of its psychosocial support program, the society has invited more than 20 Iraqi artists, athletes and journalists to share Ramadan meals with more than 1,000 displaced families in the city of Karbala.  

Emad Mohammed, Captain of the Iraqi National Football team, said everyone taking part in the programme believed it would help to relieve the suffering of families who had experienced very difficult times. “The initiative allowed ​​us live a beautiful experience with the volunteers and amongst these families. We encourage everyone to help in their own way,” he said.

Other celebrities such as Haider Zoer, TV anchor with Al-Iraqia Satellite channel; the artist Nahi Mahdi, Bassam Rauf, Abu Hassanein al-Rubaie and Hamza Al-Quraishi are also taking part. They have expressed their support to the Red Crescent and reiterated the call to support displaced families.

Ahmed Esmat, one of the displaced people who were present during that event, said: “We were forced to leave our house in Tal Afar and arrived here in Karbala. The Red Crescent has helped evacuate us and supported my family.

“We are very happy to share these special moments with celebrities we never dreamt of meeting. I would like to thank them for making an effort to understand our lives.”

During the event, the Iraqi Red Crescent Society has also organized a gallery with work from more than 100 children, giving them an opportunity to express themselves.

“I do not know why I have painted a house on the paper, maybe because I am hoping to see my home again, this is what Mom and Dad always tell me,” said Mohammed, a displaced child from Mosul. “Some other children have said we will not go back home again, and this scares me a lot.”