Japan tsunami three year anniversary - videos

Japan earthquake and tsunami 3 years PSA

Great East earthquake and tsunami relief and recovery efforts: Three years on – Thank you world

Satsuko Takezawa's story

Since Satsuko Takezawa lost her fisherman husband seven years ago; she has followed the Japanese tradition of ringing a little bell to communicate with his spirit. But in the cramped prefabricated house with paper-thin walls, in which she lived until a few months ago, the neighbours would often comment on the sound, making her feel stressed.

Inspired to become a nurse

Senior Otsuchi High school student Mayu Kashiwazaki and her friends are eager to take part in a one-day work experience at Morioka Red Cross Hospital to see what it’s like being a Japanese Red Cross Nurse.

Namie evacuees - looking forward after the 2011 earthquake

Around 2,000 nuclear evacuees, many of them from the town of Namie, just a few kilometres from the Fukushima nuclear plant, are regularly visited by Japanese Red Cross nurses who talk to them about any health issues they might face.

Plugging the nuclear information gap

Before 11 March 2011 when a magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck the Tohoku region, JRCS was not prepared for relief activities in response to nuclear disasters and there was a lack of information among residents about the effects of radiation and how to respond in the event of a nuclear accident.


It’s sad to be forgotten...” says Mari Osada, a senior student from Futaba High school, memorizing her line in a final rehearsal. The snippet provides an insight into an unusual project, which has helped children in Fukushima to process their memories and feelings after the 2011 disaster through the medium of film.