Technological and Biological Hazard Preparedness - Background Information

This document provides additional background information to complement the ‘IFRC Roadmap on Technological and Biological (CBRN) Hazard Preparedness - Towards 2030: An enhanced multi-hazard approach’, (October 2020). Taken together, these documents invite National Societies and the IFRC Secretariat to reflect on the current status of Red Cross Red Crescent preparedness to meet emergencies in a multi-hazard environment – and how to move from the current focus on natural and climate-induced hazards to one which incorporates a wider range of hazards, and more specifically those linked to technological and biological (CBRN) disasters. As stated by the UN’s Office for Disaster Risk Reduction: “There is an urgent need to investigate further the direct and indirect linkages and effects of natural, biological, technological and other human-induced hazards to identify better and understand cascading and complex hazards and risks in a systematic way.”

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