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Nom Localisation Code d'appel Type de catastrophe Appeal type Orig. type Date
Middle East -Complex Emergency Crisis- (MDRS5002) Lebanon MDRS5002 Complex Emergency Operational strategy MDRS5002 Jordan NS Response Plan Revised
Comoros - Cholera Response (MDRKM011) Comoros MDRKM011 Epidemic DREF Operation MDRKM011do
Niger - Complex Emergency (MDRNE021) Niger MDRNE021 Complex Emergency Final Report MDRNE021eafr
South Sudan - Cholera Outbreak Upper Nile (MDRSS012) Republic of South Sudan MDRSS012 Cholera DREF Operation Final Report MDRSS012dfr
Ethiopia 2024 Unified Plan (UPL-2024-MAAET003) Ethiopia UPL-2024-MAAET003 - IFRC Network Plan Ethiopia_INP_2024
Tanzania - Cholera (MDRTZ037) Tanzania, United Republic Of MDRTZ037 Epidemic DREF Operation MDRTZ037do
Malaysia - Dengue prevention and control (MDRMY010) Malaysia MDRMY010 Epidemic DREF Operation Update MDRMY010_OU1
Zambia - Cholera Outbreak (MDRZM021) Zambia MDRZM021 Cholera Operations Update MDRZM021eu1
Philippines - Floods (MDRPH053) Philippines MDRPH053 Flood DREF Operation MDRPH053do
Zimbabwe - Cholera Outbreak (MDRZW021) Zimbabwe MDRZW021 Cholera Operations Update MDRZW021eu2
Costa Rica - Dengue (MDRCR023) Costa Rica MDRCR023 Dengue DREF Operation Update MDRCR023ou1
Tanzania - Floods (MDRTZ035) Tanzania, United Republic Of MDRTZ035 Flood Operations Update MDRTZ035eu1