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Name Location Appeal code Disaster type Appeal type Orig. type Date
Chad - Pop. Movement 2023 (MDRTD022) Chad MDRTD022 - Contributions List Donor Response 05/06/2023
Ethiopia - Population Movement from Sudan (MDRET030) Ethiopia MDRET030 - Contributions List Donor Response 05/06/2023
Egypt - Population Movement 2023 (MDREG020) Egypt MDREG020 - Contributions List Donor Response 05/06/2023
Sri Lanka - Dengue Outbreak & Floods (MDRLK017) Sri Lanka MDRLK017 Epidemic DREF Operation MDRLK017do 03/06/2023
Turkiye - Earthquake (MDRTR004) Turkey MDRTR004 Earthquake Emergency Appeal Revision MDRTR004rea2 02/06/2023
Myanmar - Cyclone Mocha (MDRMM018) Myanmar MDRMM018 Cyclone Operations Update MDRMM018_OU1 02/06/2023
Central African Republic - Population Movement from Sudan (MDRCF030) Central African Republic MDRCF030 - Contributions List Donor Response 02/06/2023
Italy - Flood 2023 (MDRIT004) Italy MDRIT004 Flood DREF Operation MDRIT004do 02/06/2023
Sudan Crisis Regional Population Movement (MDRS1001) Kenya MDRS1001 Population Movement Emergency Appeal MDRS1001ea 02/06/2023
Iran - Drought (MDRIR009) Iran, Islamic Republic Of MDRIR009 Drought Operations Update MDRIR009ou1 01/06/2023
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Flood 2023 (MDRBA015) Bosnia And Herzegovina MDRBA015 Flood DREF Operation MDRBA015do 31/05/2023
Sudan - Africa Complex Emergency (MDRSD033) Sudan MDRSD033 Complex Emergency Emergency Appeal Revision MDRSD033rea 31/05/2023