Global Volunteering Alliance

The Global Volunteering Alliance brings together more than 70 Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to discuss current volunteer trends and the future of volunteerism in a changing world.

About the Global Volunteering Alliance

The Global Volunteering Alliance is an important initiative driven by National Societies, for National Societies. It aims to continually improve the management and development of volunteers so that our network can adapt to emerging challenges and flourish long into the future.

Our more than 16 million volunteers don't just deliver services for the IFRC. They are our partners and our greatest source of inspiration and innovation. They are the gateway to the communities we serve, offering deep knowledge and insights that make our work relevant and meaningful.

It is therefore vital that our network supports volunteers as effectively as possible—from motivating and retaining them, to exploring new forms of volunteering relevant to the 21st century. This is exactly what technical experts from across the alliance come together to do, regularly partnering with academics, the private sector and other external organizations to come up with fresh and innovative ideas.

The more National Societies that join the alliance, the more successful and rich it will become. If you are from a National Society and are interested in joining, get in touch today: [email protected]

Technical teams

A Tanzania Red Cross communications officer is in Nyaragusu refugee camp where the IFRC an Tanzania Red Cross have been providing emergency health care, shelter, water and sanitation to thousands of people

Motivation of volunteers

Keeping our volunteers motivated and engaged in Red Cross and Red Crescent action for as long as possible.

Volunteers with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent walk through a humanitarian passage in Boustan al Qasar, Aleppo

Volunteering in dangerous situations

Protecting volunteers during conflicts and emergencies.

Volunteers from the Netherlands Red Cross talk in their office about getting the protective equipment they need so they can help communities during the COVID-19 pandemic

Organizational learning

Fostering a culture of learning and collaboration across our global network.

A Red Cross volunteer works in their office on a computer

Volunteer data management

Better volunteer data leads to better volunteer response.

Collaborative project on research and volunteering

The Red Cross and Red Crescent Research Consortium (RC3) is currently working on a three-year collaborative project to address the following questions:

  • How can partnerships between academia and the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement support our volunteers?
  • How has our Movement used research to support volunteering until now? Was it helpful and, if so, in which ways? And what have we learnt?
  • Could science help volunteers in their role as deliverers of humanitarian services and could it serve as a source of inspiration, innovation and decision-making in the future?
  • What opportunities exist across our Movement for further research into these topics?

For more information and to get involved in this project, please contact the coordinator Louise Baumann (French Red Cross Foundation): [email protected]

This project involves: IFRC, French Red Cross Foundation, 510, Global Disaster Preparedness Center, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), IFRC Psychosocial Centre, Red Cross Red Crescent Global Migration Lab, Interamerican Centre for Volunteering Development, Turkish Red Crescent Academy, Canadian Red Cross, German Red Cross, Norwegian Red Cross, CADRIM and International Centre for Humanitarian Affairs.