Data protection

Data protection, digital literacy and data responsibility are vital to the IFRC's work—especially as more and more people around the world start using digital technologies. Our Data Protection Office works closely with teams across our global network, and with our partners, to ensure we always manage data responsibly and safely.

About data protection

The IFRC collects and processes significant amounts of personal data through our humanitarian activities worldwide. Safeguarding this data is an integral part of protecting the life, integrity and dignity of the people we support.

Data protection is not just a matter of good governance—it is also about building trust. In times of crisis, people affected will likely be thinking about more urgent priorities necessary for their survival and safety, rather than risks to the information they provide to aid organizations. They must therefore be able to trust that we will respect and be responsible for the protection of their data.

Our Data Protection Office is part of the IFRC's Office of General Counsel. This is led by the General Counsel and Director of our Legal Department, who reports directly to the Secretary General.

It ensures our staff and partners engage in good data protection practices and produces a wide range of guidance and practical tools to support their work—several of which you can access below. 

The IFRC processes personal data in accordance with our Policy on the Protection of Personal Data, available to read below. This Policy also applies to any personal data that we process as part of our tendering and contracting with partners worldwide.

Learning about data protection and responsible data