Global Plan

Our Global Plan outlines the world’s most pressing humanitarian issues and our approach to ensure that each of our 191 National Societies has the support they need to respond to crises and build community resilience.

What's in the plan

Around the world, humanitarian needs are growing at a staggering rate while resources are stretched thin. The climate crisis continues to increase the number and severity of weather-related events, while the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine and new upsurge of violence in Israel and Palestine have resulted in enormous suffering. Many parts of Africa face an alarming increase in food insecurity, while millions of people around the world experience great hardships as they migrate seeking safety and a better life

At the IFRC, we are doing more and more each day to meet these needs. The IFRC Global Plan 2024 is about being ready to respond at scale, while strengthening our community roots and local resilience even further.  

The plan calls on us to be even more strategic, more aligned, more coordinated and more accountable to those we serve. Most importantly, our actions will be even more firmly rooted in communities, where our network is based and where our work reducing risks and preventing loss is both most immediate and enduring.  

But it won’t be business as usual.  We will continue to create global partnerships that strengthen local action, invest more to improve transparency and accountability, continue to innovate and develop new ways to deliver resources, facilitate local action and listen to the communities we serve. 

Global Plan 2024 video: Scaling up and reinforcing resilience