Red Cross Red Crescent Magazine

The Red Cross Red Crescent Magazine was a publication and storytelling hub run by the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement from 1986 to 2023. The Magazine uncovered powerful stories of disasters, climate change, health emergencies and conflict, as told by people around the world.

About the RCRC Magazine

The Red Cross Red Crescent Magazine, or 'RCRC Magazine', was all about stories: stories that move you, that make you smile, laugh, cry, and learn. It began its life as a print publication, before going fully digital in 2020.

The RCRC Magazine brought audiences into people's daily lives. Their struggles, their dreams; their music, food, passions and sorrows. And it followed them as they found innovative ways to tackle complex and seemingly insurmountable problems.

By sharing stories through the eyes, and with the voices, of people grappling with the most pressing humanitarian challenges of our time, it helped audiences understand the complex realities faced by people around the world. And it inspired audiences to find ways to unite and make life better for all people.

The RCRC Magazine wound down in summer 2023 after 40 years of powerful storytelling. You can still access the Red Cross Red Crescent Magazine website during 2023. Or scroll down to read a selection of its best stories from over the years.

Story highlights

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Little Hanna from Kharkiv stands with her mother to collect a hygiene kit from the Ukrainian Red Cross as they make their way out of Ukraine in late March 2022.

Web stories

Explore our web stories that tell the human side of disasters and help explain the world's most complex humanitarian challenges.

Abdel, a cultural mediator with the Italian Red Cross, stands on board the Ocean Viking rescue ship where he provides assistance to people rescued from the central Mediterranean


RCRC Magazine staff revisit some of the most interesting and inspiring people interviewed during 40 years of humanitarian storytelling.

IFRC comms officials show video footage they've captured to women living in rural western Guatemala, who smile at seeing themselves on camera.


Visit the IFRC YouTube channel to watch powerful and moving videos from across the world's largest humanitarian network.

RCRC Magazine in the archives

Print versions of the Red Cross Red Crescent Magazine dating back to 1985 are available to access via the IFRC Library and Archives team. Please contact [email protected] to request access.

Scanned copies will also be added to the IFRC archives digital database later this year.