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The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) offers a wealth of learning opportunities and resources to our National Societies, volunteers, partners and the general public. Discover them below.

IFRC Learning Platform

The IFRC Learning Platform is our global online learning hub for all. It supports the personal and professional development of our volunteers and staff worldwide and helps improve public knowledge of important humanitarian issues.

On the platform, you will find high-quality, multilingual learning opportunities developed by Red Cross and Red Crescent experts as well as resources from other humanitarian organizations.  

Resources include self-paced online courses, video playlists and games—on topics ranging from first aid and healthy lifestyles through to supporting people on the move and disaster law. There are also various social learning tools, including our 'communities of practice'—virtual groups of experts and people interested in specific humanitarian topics in which to share knowledge and learning.

Registration, access to and use of the Learning Platform is completely open and free. You can access it anytime and wherever you are via your phone, tablet, laptop or computer. You can even learn offline by using the Cornerstone Learn mobile app (available for iOS and Android—terms of use available here) and downloading the courses and other resources you might be interested in.

Other key learning resources

A volunteer with the Ugandan Red Cross talks with South Sudanese refugees about the dangers of cholera and how to avoid it in Bidi Bidi refugee camp in northern Uganda.

Reference centres

Reference centres provide specialized knowledge and services to members of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. There are many based all around the world, each offering expertise on specific humanitarian and development themes.

Innovation illustration by the IFRC's Solferino Academy

Solferino Academy

The Solferino Academy aims to challenge and inspire the way people across our Movement work, think, act and connect. Staffed by experts in innovation and creative problem-solving, the Academy helps our members to address the largest and most pressing humanitarian challenges.

Children in a school in Leyte, Philippines smile and learn during class. Following Typhoon Haiyan, the American Red Cross repaired badly damaged classrooms, constructed new latrines and installed hand water pumps to help them resume their education

Learning materials

Browse key learning and teaching materials on different humanitarian themes, produced by the IFRC and our National Societies, on our education page.

The Community of Practice service

The IFRC's Community of Practice service provides a fantastic resource for connecting with staff and volunteers throughout the Red Cross Red Crescent network to get advice and ideas, share knowledge, and collaborate on common challenges. 

Lead to Change

The IFRC's Strategy 2030 calls for change, and specifically for an increase in our ability to listen, learn and adapt in order to increase our impact. The Solferino Academy leadership study reinforced that these abilities are crucial to effective leadership at all levels within the IFRC. The IFRC's Lead to Change service offers the tools to make that happen.

Motivate with Motiro

Change requires motivated, energetic, and fully engaged volunteers and staff. The Motiro service assists National Societies in motivating their teams to maximize engagement and team performance at all levels of the organization. At the center of the Motiro service is a web-based survey app called Motiro, designed specifically for National Societies.

Get in touch

If you have any questions relating to the IFRC Learning Platform, or if you would like to collaborate with us on developing new learning resources, please contact [email protected]