IFRC Disaster Response Emergency Fund

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies’ Disaster Response Emergency Fund (IFRC-DREF) is an efficient, fast, transparent, and localized way of getting funding directly to local humanitarian actors – both before and after crisis hits. 


IFRC-DREF is one of the oldest humanitarian pooled funds for emergency response to small and medium disasters

Originally designed to respond to small- and medium-sized disasters, the fund has evolved to include support for anticipatory action. Acting before a disaster allows us to respond even more effectively to different crises - saving more lives and livelihoods, minimizing impact, and preventing suffering. 

The introduction of IFRC-DREF Insurance has further strengthened the fund. This insurance mechanism allows access to additional financial resources ensuring the fund remains solvent and effective even during periods of extraordinary need. This evolution of the fund exemplifies our dedication to providing timely and effective assistance, reinforcing the IFRC’s mission to alleviate human suffering.

IFRC-DREF in detail

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How does it work?

IFRC-DREF is a central pot of money through which we can release funds rapidly to National Societies for early action and immediate disaster response.

How is it funded?

IFRC-DREF functions as a pooled fund, supported by various donors, which facilitates rapid funding decisions closely aligned with humanitarian needs. 

One Fund, Two Pillars

IFRC-DREF is unique in offering both anticipatory action and disaster response in a single fund.

IFRC-DREF Insurance

The IFRC in partnership with Aon and the Centre for Disaster Protection has pioneered a groundbreaking approach: an innovative insurance policy tailored to protect the IFRC-DREF by supplying a financial backstop when needed. 

Guidance and support

We want to make sure that each of our 191 National Societies knows how to request, has the capacity to process and knows how to report on IFRC-DREF funding.

Stories from the field

Stay updated with the latest updates and field stories from IFRC-DREF. We offer various channels to keep you informed and connected. Make sure you’re following us to catch every update!

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Live IFRC-DREF data

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Florent Del Pinto 

Manager of IFRC-DREF, 

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