Climate crisis

Climate change is not only a threat to the future of our planet, it is already driving humanitarian crises around the world. We are calling for urgent action to save lives now and in the years to come.

Our call to action on the climate crisis

Members of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) have identified the climate crisis as one of the greatest humanitarian threats currently facing communities around the world.

Urgent steps are needed both to reduce the increasing warming of our atmosphere and to better tackle the increasing risks from extreme events that this warming is already producing.

We call on governments and other partners to:

  • Ensure focus on the most vulnerable people and settings in climate adaptation, so that they are reached, informed and included in global, national and local decisions and plans, and their needs met
  • Increase finance for locally-led adaptation and resilience, striking the agreed balance with mitigation, and supporting National Societies and other local actors’ access to climate finance
  • Promote coherence across humanitarian, development, environment and climate approaches by integrating risk management to build climate resilience, strengthening disaster and climate law and policy and translating global commitments to practical action at national and local levels
  • Enable more anticipatory and early action to reduce the impacts of rapid and slow onset climate shocks and stressors
  • Promote environmental sustainability within the humanitarian sector by protecting the environment and reducing emissions from humanitarian operations

Climate crisis in our work


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