Global humanitarian services

The IFRC is a recognized provider of global humanitarian supply chain services—both to members of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, but also to humanitarian organizations and governments around the world.

What we do

The IFRC's Global Humanitarian Services and Supply Chain Management (GHS&SCM) department provides wide-ranging logistical support to our global humanitarian network, ensuring our members can respond quickly and effectively before and after disasters strike.

We acquire and deliver requested humanitarian supplies and services, in the places where they are needed, while ensuring the best value for money to all stakeholders through fair competition and transparent procedures.

We work to improve the logistics capacities of our member National Societies. And we also provide supply chain management services to external parties on a non-profit basis. 

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IFRC Deputy Head of Operations for the Ukraine response inspects humanitarian relief items in a logistics warehouse in Debrecen, Hungary close to the border with Ukraine, in March 2022.


IFRC relief goods arrive via plane at the airport in Port au Prince, Haiti following the earthquake in August 2021, where IFRC and Red Cross teams are on the ground to distribute them to affected communities as quickly as possible.


An IFRC worker gives a thumbs up as a batch of generators arrives in Lviv, Ukraine in January 2023 to help restore power to hospitals, public facilities and homes impacted by the international armed conflict.

Warehousing and handling

Denys, a Fleet Manager for the IFRC working in Ukraine, sits in his vehicle before heading out to assist the response to the escalation of conflict in the country in 2022.

Fleet services

IFRC, Swiss Red Cross and Malagasy Red Cross workers talk about a planned aid distribution in Madagascar in March 2022.

Supporting National Societies

Sustainability in the supply chain

A community in Zimbabwe carry food items received from the Zimbabwe and Finnish Red Cross.

A community in Zimbabwe carry food items received from the Zimbabwe and Finnish Red Cross.

Photo: Finnish Red Cross/Ville Palonen

The IFRC is part of the Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance, a joint initiative with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Norwegian Red Cross. Through this project, we are embedding the three pillars of sustainability⁠—environmental (planet), social (people), and economic (performance)⁠—in the supply chain activities of our Movement.

Check out the latest Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance newsletter for examples and updates on green response from across our Movement.

We are also part of the WREC Project, coordinated by the Global Logistics Cluster and supported by a coalition of humanitarian organizations. The WREC Project aims to reduce the adverse environmental consequences of humanitarian logistics through awareness, practical guidance, and real-time environmental expertise.

Find out more about how we are 'greening' our operations on our green response page.

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